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Happy Women’s History Month!

Women’s History Month is here for 2022!

Did you know E-Line Media and Production CEO is a phenomenal industry veteran!

This month we want to highlight those amazing women pushing the boundaries of exceptional excellence.

Now without further adieu lets get into it.

Keke Palmer

Actress Keke Palmer, 28, has made it her mission to ensure young girls receive the encouragement they need to pursue their dreams. In 2014 she began serving as a mentor for Saving Our Daughters, a nonprofit helping adolescents overcome bullying, mental health issues and low self-esteem. Since then, she’s launched her own arm of the charity, Saving Our Cinderellas, focusing on instilling confidence and leadership skills in young women of color by exposing them to acting and the arts. “I always make them a part of everything I do so they’re reminded I am them and they are me,” Palmer says. “That way they can see that their dreams can be a reality.”

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