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One thing about Joel Ortiz is he has a story to tell. There’s nothing like New York rap. Period. It started in the boogie down Bronx and of course, made its way uptown, said hello to Queens and continues in Brooklyn!

From Biggie, to Jay , to Joel, these NY rap gems are ones that stay on the roster.

Joel Ortiz brings us Uncle Chris’s Car, a song that embodies his birth to how he grew up.

According to NPR “For the opening of “Uncle Chris Car,” Brooklyn rapper Joell Ortiz drops us headfirst into a detailed account of his own birth: “Fresh out the womb, scour the room, a new flower just bloomed / My momma tells me, ‘You was ‘posed to come out me in June.”

“Upon leaving the hospital, the family loads into his uncle’s car, driving home to the projects. From here, Ortiz walks us through a harrowing childhood of poverty and violence. He nails his point home by proclaiming that “If God really wanted me to get far, then why my Uncle Chris car made a left / He should’ve made a right,” showing us how environment and circumstance can dramatically change a person’s life trajectory.”

Check out his track below and as always let us know what you think.

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