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Buy Black Today! – 50 Dollars & Under!

Skin care, glasses, footwear , tea, art, clothing, gift accessories, wine etc you name it we got it!

According to FAMU online, “The common recurring statistic in money circulation within communities, according to the NAACP and other organizations, suggest that the Black dollar is unregulated. Studies say that the average lifespan of the dollar is approximately 28 days in Asian communities, 19 days in Jewish communities, 17 days in white communities — and just six hours in Black communities.”

Black consumers spend more than $1 trillion a year and that money should be in circulating in our communities. With the statistics above it’s important that we shop and buy black!

Here are some black retailors that you can purchase from this holiday season and we’re keeping it under 50 dollars!

  • New Secrets Tea Digest Me Tea – Natalie Antionette is the owner of New Secrets Tea. New Secrets Tea was born from her shared passion for tea and a healthy lifestyle. Each product is 100% All Natural Luxury Wellness Tea’s specifically blended with targeted ingredients that are renowned for their positive effects on both the physical and the mental. They have a variety of teas ranging from 8-12 dollars! Check it out !
  • Hanahana Beauty– Hannanah Beauty is owned by Abena Boamah. Hanahana Beauty is a consciously clean skincare + wellness brand whose mission is to disrupt the global beauty industry. Our intention is to increase accessibility, transparency, and sustainability in all aspects of what we create. From the fair sourcing of our shea butter, to the creation of our homemade products, down to the responsible representation of people working with us at every end. Check out their best selling lemongrass shea butter and many other facial products under the 50 dollar mark!
  • Frigg Beauty is owned by the Kimberly Dillon and she states, “In designing Frigg, I wanted a brand that was warm, inviting, and educational. And while I have never fully felt comfortable in wellness spaces, which seemed so exclusionary, quiet, and restrictive, I knew the restorative benefits of holistic, plant-based wellness. So we built a wellness brand but with beauty tendencies: vibrant, playful and bold. We are cracking the door on conversation about mental well-being, exhaustion, and how stress can impact us internally and externally, even if it’s disguised as dry skin, insomnia, or an itchy scalp. That’s why with each purchase we support a mental health organization. Stress less beauty: That’s what we are here to create.” Check out their top selling, Attuning Hair Potion
  • Are you looking for home décor? Well Effortless Composition has got you covered! Owner Brittany is here to make your house a home effortlessly with accent, timeless pieces, that emphasizes on chic, and class with lots of items under 50 dollars!
  • Antiracist Baby! It’s important for children to read every day. A #1 New York Times Bestseller! From the National Book Award-winning author of Stamped from the Beginning and How to Be an Antiracist comes a fresh new board book that empowers parents and children to uproot racism in our society and in ourselves. Check it out right now!
  • We all love a good smelling candle! Check out 228 Grant Street Co. They have amazing scents and gifts for all budgets!

We want you to add to this list! Comment below a black own brand you know!

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