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Holiday sale periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become a global phenomenon and one of the largest shopping days, both online and in person.

According to finder.com an estimated 72.4 million people plan to shop end of the year sales like Black Friday this year.

With gas being $500.00 per gallon (ok we’re exaggerating m but not really) it’s time we buckle down on the spending and budget.

Inflation is term you probably heard a lot in the news within the last few weeks. With groceries and gas prices rising, it’s become an issue especially for low income Americans.

According to treasury secretary Janet Yellen, “I think it’s important to realize that the cause of this inflation is the pandemic. It shut down our economy. It boosted unemployment to almost 15% and we’ve been opening up in fits and starts.”

If you plan on spending your coins this holiday season budget correctly. Here are a few tips that can help keep costs low.

  1. Secret Santa: Plan this for thanksgiving night were each family member chooses a name in which they have to purchase for that person so you’re only buying one gift
  2. Budget wisely: If you’re looking to spend 25/ per gift/person do just that! Don’t go over and stick to that budget.
  3. Look for real deals: Free shipping, bundle packs, BOGO,
  4. SHOP SMALL BUSINESS! This is imperative to keep communities going and many small business have prices that fit every budget needs.

Overall spend smartly and comment below on what are some of your budgeting tips and tricks!

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