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It’s the album we have all been waiting for. Well some of us. Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars are the dynamic duo known as Silk Sonic and finally relased their highly anticipated album “An Evening With Silk Sonic”

They knocked the music charts with the soulful “Leave The Door Open.” that left the people wanting more.

Their debut album brings nostalgic 70s funkadelia production and soulful R&B with comedic chops.

Their second single “Smoking Out The Window” speaks about a woman who “belongs to everybody”.

“Girl, it breaks my heart that you ain’t right here with me
Now I gotta give you back
To the city, oh, you got me”

She belongs to the streets Bruno!

Then you have Anderson Paak going on to say
“Look here, baby, I hope you find whatever it is that you need
But I also hope that your triflin’ ass is walkin’ ’round barefoot in these streets
Look out”

The album is definitely a classic. It’s fun, smooth and overall good music! Check it out the album right here and as usual tell us what you think!

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