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When we think of music festivals, we think of seeing our favorite artists with our favorite people and having a good time.

I’m sure you all heard of the incidents that took place over the weekend at Travis’s Scott annual Astroworld festival in Texas. The events that took place this weekend were unseen and to have multiple fatalities is unfortunate.

It’s estimated that around 50,000 people were at the Astroworld festival as Scott took to the stage. Drake who also performed at Saturday’s festival and Travis say they are ‘devastated’ following the events.

According to police reports, “A crowd surge at a Houston music festival on Friday crushed concertgoers as they were left trampled and gasping for air, struggling to survive against a wall of people pressing forward toward the stage.

Police are investigating the potential causes of the surge, which occurred at the Astroworld Festival at NRG Park and led to the deaths of eight people as well as many more injured. The show continued for 40 minutes after initial reports of spectators being harmed reached first responders.” New dsetails are emerging from the event that includes a 9-year-old currently in a medical induces coma from the surge. According to authorities, organizers of the event including Travis Scott were advised to stop the show but proceeded anyway.

We wanted to leave you with some tips on how to stay safe for when attending a concert or festival.

  • Have a meet up plan with your friends on where to link up once the show ends
  • Invest in a portable charger. Although your phone service might be spotty during the festival , it always helps that it’s at least on and charged up when needing to locate your friends
  • Stay alert! Know where the closet paramedic stations are just in case and make sure your near by
  • Understand when too much is too much, always trust your instincts. Be cautious of your surroundings! If something doesn’t feel right then move away or leave.
  • Group Up! Make sure the same people you came with is the same people you leave with. Try to stay close and be attentive.

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