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It’s the real rhythm and blues for us. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our honor to introduce you to a phenomenal artist Buffalo Nichols

Labeled as a country blues artist Buffalo Nichols is someone who gives you that deep country soul with meaningful lyrics and intimate vocal delivery this is an album you need in your playlist!

His art is about protest songs. According to NPR ” his single “Another Man Done Gone,” Nichols pulls that song’s stark fatalism into a 21st century that still hasn’t seen justice for Sandra Bland or Breonna Taylor. Nichols, part of a thrilling reclamation of the blues by young artists of color including Jackie Venson and Adia Victoria, has found a way to make a worn-to-the-clichéd nub style fresh through his intimate vocal delivery and ace resonator guitar playing. “It’s hard to write a song while folks get murdered every day,” he moans. Embracing the role of witness, he takes us with us as he finds a way.”

Take a listen to his single “Another Man” and as always let us know what you think.

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