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Cheers to the weekend and most importantly cheers to the LIBRA’S.

We curated the perfect drink for those born between September 23rd and October 22nd!

Libra’s are all about balance. They are known for being delightful, charming, and thrive on making things logical and aesthetically pleasing.

A mimosa is great because it’s a balance of two things that are, very simple and aesthetically pleasing.


· 1 bottle (750 mL) chilled Cava or Prosecco

· 2 to 4 cups chilled pulp-free orange juice


While holding your Champagne flute at a slight tilt, fill the glass about halfway with sparkling wine. Fill the rest of the glass with orange juice, and serve promptly. Feel free to adjust the ratio of sparkling wine to orange juice to suit your preferences (I like my mimosas with more sparkling wine than orange juice).

Now if you have the perfect drink that suits a libra let us know and comment below!

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