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Happy Wednesday!

We are almost through the week, and lets face it life can be overwhelming at times.

This is your sign to take some time out for yourself today. Sometimes we put too much of a burden on ourselves only to be burnt out!

Don’t stress (seriously don’t) .. we at E-Line have your back.

Listed below are a few ways you can destress during your day!

  • 10 Minute Car Meditaton: On your break, practice deep breathing and medition. https://youtu.be/NVPrxcR_RZI
  • Stretch it out: Take 5 Minutes to stretch and loosen those limbs! https://youtu.be/t2NUI7jM4tg
  • Walk : Take a solid 30 minutes walk
  • Music: Did you know music can help with stress -https://youtu.be/79kpoGF8KWU
  • Work it out: If you have a floor you can work out! YouTube has tons of videos of different workouts. Pick one that works best for you!

We hope this helps a little! Tell us some ways you destress and take care of your wellbeing?!

Comment below!

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