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Although claims have been made about Kanye’s album being released without his approval Ye’s 12th studio album Donda is already buzzing.

The 1 hr and 45 minutes/ 26 tracklisting have features ranging from Marylin Monroe to Jay-Z.

Fan favs include the Lauryn Hill “Doo Woop” sample “Believe What I Say” where Ye takes a slight jab as sir Drake who’s album may potentially drop this Friday with his new album, Jail featuring his negro in Paris Jay-Z along with Brooklyn’s finest Pop Smoke (RIP!)

The album takes a shift turning a little gospel with tracks like 24, Keep my Spirit Alive, Jesus Lord, among many other tracks that bring us closer to the almighty.

Have you heard the album? What are your favorite tracks?

You know us here at E-Line got you. Thanks to the all trusty Spotify you can go ahead and listen to snippets of all the tracks below!

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