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Over the weekend viewers like myself had front row tickets to fashion icon designer Pyer Moss show. Held at the J Walker estate in Irvington, New York the couture show which was originally scheduled for Friday was met with downpours and thunderstorms. There’s a saying in show business “the show must go on” and that’s what Moss brought to the fashion masses.

The show was a tribute to 25 Black inventions drawn from an extensive list at the Library of Congress. From peanut butter to the beloved air conditioner it was show to see and executed to perfection!

Pyer Moss Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2021-2022 show to some was a major flop. Accoring to a Youtube comment “Dressing a woman in a “ Party City” peanut butter jar costume with your logo to honor the impact, contribution and influence black people have had on this earth isn’t fashion. On paper the concept is genius. 98% of what was shown is lazy tacky, uninspired gimmicky attempt for press and attention. Such a wasted opportunity to really research and push forward our narrative into something beautiful new and fresh that every collection up to this has been. I’m a designer myself and I was so hype for this collection because Pyer is a really amazing designer I look up to. Take away MCJW mansion, performers stage press, front row etc. What is left is Halloween costumes sale rack. Very disheartening. The level of these designs don’t at all reflect our Black excellence or the depth of your talent. Come on PM!!!

Check out the actual show down below. As always give us your feedback. Did this screm haute couture or was it a flop?

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