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The whole world was and some still are rooting for Ms. Sha’carri Richardson the 2021 Tokyo Olympic hopeful. Sha’carri started making headlines with her go-getter “I’m THAT girl” attitude and looks of bright hair and long nails resembling iconic track star Florence Griffith Joyner. News spread quickly of her disqualification from the Olympics last week when she tested positive for marijuana.

Rules state that you’re not allowed to partake in international competition, or most other competitive sports, if you test positive for weed metabolites. USADA, the United States Anti-Doping Agency has weed on its list of banned substances. This means that athletes who have marijuana in their system will fail their USADA tests. This also means that they won’t be able to represent their country overseas.

In her home state of Oregon, weed is legal. Also, we now know her biological mom passed away during the Olympic trials and through grief, she decided to smoke where it’s legal to do so.

There’s a debate going on, all over social media regarding this contrversy. You have one side saying rules are rules, and the other saying to let her play. We want to know your thoughts! Comment below

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