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“Is it black-owned” is indeed the new “who’s all over there?

Black-owned businesses are booming and it’s important that we keep our dollars in the community. In a newsone article on average people of color spend”..nearly 50 million Black people in the United States, Black consumers spend more than $1 trillion a year. ”

1 TRILLION DOLLARS?! If so why not spend that amount in our communities?

E-Line is here to highlight some black-owned brands you should know!

  • We all love a good handbag! I’m, sure you have heard about the name, and if not let us introduce you to the one and only Brandon Blackwood! His bags are timeless, fun, and makes a statement! During the pandemic, his business boomed as he released his ESR “End Systemic Racism” bag worn by the notable Kim Kardashian and the brand took off from there.

Brandon Blackwood

  • We all love a good skincare routine especially one made for and by people of melanated descent. Ladies and gentlemen, Klur skincare is what you need. Esthetician Lesley Thornton has compiled a skincare line that includes serums, cleansers, and more to achieve your skin goals.

  • Lesley Thornton
  • of Klur

    • Pyer Moss is said to be a house hold name. Created by Kerby Jean Raymond, this clothing brand fuses style with heriatge and activism.

  • Kerby Jean Raymond
  • of Pyer Moss

    • The Lip Bar is here to stay! This brand created by Melissa Butler who started it in her kitchen is now in Target stores nationwide. The brand has all you makeup needs from lipstains to tinted mosturizers at a reasonable price.

    Melissa Butler of The Lip Bar

    • It’s summertime so a good mani and pedi are needed. What better way to pamper your most overworked body parts then suporting a black owned nail polish company. Meet Pear Nova, a nail brand that caters to nail style and nail care!

    Rachel James of Pearl Nova

    • Classy, stylish and something for every season, Andrea Iyamah is the designer for you. Her pieces are timeless and intricate yet unique.

  • Andrea Iyamah
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