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Jazmine Sullivan is indeed an icon. Her raspy sound with embodying lyrics of love, passion, vulnerability, and sex has set the tone for her phenomenal artistry.

Her latest album Heaux Tales takes us on a journey of, personifying a few women’s insights into love and sex as the 14 track listing allows.  The album also grazes women’s inner abilities to conquer relationships and the technical ride that comes with that.  Jazmine Sullivan’s voice is top tier and with features like the phenomenal Arie Lennox and Oscar award winner H.E.R this album is a treasure.

Jazzy has shared a new single called “Tragic.” She gave us a little snippet last Thursday via her Instagram page and in the post, she wrote “continuing the conversation around Heaux Tales with some of my dope friends, old and new.”

The song is built around the phrase “reclaiming my time,” which became a meme and, as Vox put it, “a catchphrase for commentary on the Trump administration, racism, misogyny, and other progressive issues,” when California Congresswoman Maxine Waters used it to cut off Secretary-Treasurer Steve Mnuchin when he was stalling during a 2017 deposition.

Listen to the new song below and let us know what you think.

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