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2021 must be the year of black girl magic at the Tokyo Olympics. This past Sunday Olympic gold medalist Simone Manuel qualified for the 2021 Olympics. She won the 50-meter freestyle, securing her spot for the games.

Manuel revealed that she was diagnosed with overtraining syndrome (OTS)n which forced her to take a three week break before training again.

“My body wasn’t doing what I knew it was capable of,” Manuel said. “I had moments where I didn’t even want to go to the pool because I knew it was gonna be bad.” Returning to the water was an “uphill climb,” she said. “To sit here and even do what I did and be at this meet is something that I can’t take lightly.”

The diagnosis and recovery even makes her more impressive that she is headed for the gold in Tokyo.

“I did everything I possibly could to be here. And that makes me proud because I continue to stay strong during this process, even when there were times when I wanted to give up,” she said. “This definitely was my biggest fight.”

The Olympics are set to take place this year in Tokyo from July 23rd to August 8th. We’ll be rooting for you Simone!

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