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COVID Vaccination, but what about HIV?

In an article posted by Yahoo, Ronald C. Desrosiers, Professor of Pathology, Vice-chair for Research, University of Miami speaks on the research development of the Covid vaccination and the wonder about an HIV vaccine.

AIDS came onto the scene in the early 1980s and the virus that caused it was discovered in 1983-84, it was only natural to think that the research community would be able to develop a vaccine for it.

At a press conference in 1984 announcing HIV as the cause of AIDS, then U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Margaret Heckler predicted that a vaccine would be available in two years. Well, it is now 37 years later and there is no vaccine.

The article touches on the complexity of the HIV virus and its difficulties with the different strains of the immune evasion strategies of the virus.

Read the article here and give us your thoughts.

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