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Artist of The Decade!

The 2021 Billboard awards aired last night with Drake receiving the artist of the decade award. Presented by his family and accepted by the Canadian rapper alongside his adorable son Adonis, Drake humbly took the stage to thank his family, fans, and artist alike.

Drake has dominated the airwaves since 2007 when he stepped on the scene. He has successfully placed number one tracks on the Billboard charts. Last night’s acceptance speech spoke about his journey and his self-consciousness about the music he puts out. But despite his insecurities, he continued to use his fear as fuel and continue his chart-topping success.

It’s Drake’s consistency that is a major part of why he received the honor last night. Despite the uncertainty about his music he stated “Just for anyone watching this that’s wondering how this happened, you know that’s really the answer,” he continued.”It’s being so unsure of how you’re getting it done that you just kind of keep going in the hopes of figuring out the formula. Feeling so lucky and blessed that the fear of losing it keeps you up at night.”

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