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Eat & Drink What You Want!

The month of May has a lot of national days and today on May 11th just so happens to be “Eat What You Want Day”. It’s a day when you can choose to eat anything that takes your fancy, Quite a refreshing change when we are all so stressed about what we eat.

With Atlanta feeling like Wakanda to some, the amount of black-owned businesses do make you feel like you can vibe with T’Challla and Shuri at any point.

What better way to enjoy this national day than to highlight some amazing restaurants here in Atlanta.

  • The Beverly Atlanta opened its doors in August 2019 in Grant Park. Award-winning Chef Dudley Isidore and restauranteur Mario Johnson is serving both Caribbean fusion to classic dishes and daring new flavors.
  • Tassili’s Raw Reality is a fast, casual restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in raw vegan cuisine inspired by Tassili’s international palate.
  • Crave Restaurant is centrally located in the eclectic area of Little Five Points, Atlanta, Ga. The upbeat restaurant caters to those that are not originally from Atlanta with a menu that includes your favorites cravings from many of your hometown cities. From the “Whaddupdoe Detroit Coney Island” to the “Big Easy, New England Lobster Mac and Cheese” there is simply something for all your cravings!

  • Gocha’s Breakfast Bar located in Atlanta’s affluent Cascade area, offers a modern, friendly atmosphere, exceptional service, and carefully prepared meals that “taste great and feel good.”

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