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Is College Worth It?

 It’s that time of the year when high school seniors are slowly holding their breath (or not) waiting to receive college acceptance letters from the school of their choice. Would these incoming freshmen be a future Bison (HU! hey Howard!) or those with prestigious athletic talents be members of the blue devil’s top-rated school Duke University? Only time will tell and, although this wait can be nerve-wracking for some, others have looked at college as the biggest scam known to man. With tuition now exceeding 50K+ each semester Generation Z are finding new ways to fund their futures that don’t include excessive school debt.

With the influence of social media, many Generation Y and “Zers” are finding different ways to surplus their income that include entrepreneurship, and brand partnerships. Influencers can make up to 10,000 per post regarding their claim to internet fame while college graduates are over 10,000 in school debt.

Here at E- Line Media And Production, we spoke to both college grads and high school seniors to get their take on higher education. Check it out on E-Linetv.com

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