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Poets, You Should Know

Back in the early 80s when hop hop hit the scene we were pop locking to smooth rhymes, and then emerged artists like The Sugar Hill Gang , Run DMC and Public Emeny highlighting good times and thought provokiung verses. Rap verses are indeed a form of poetry. We see that in songs like Alright by Kendrick Lamar , Changes by Tupac and That Thang by Lauryn Hill.

Although National Poetry Month has passed, we want to highlight 3 poets you should know and get acquainted with.

  • Jasmine Mans is a poet, teacher-author but most importantly an artist who brings passion and fierceness to any stage she performs on.

We first heard about Jazmine through her viral performance of “The Miseducation of a Barbie” questioning the message that Nicki Minaj is relaying to her listeners and highlighting how female MCs have work to do to keep rap uplifting, powerful and positive.  

  • Amanda Gorman – stole the show at this year’s presidential inauguration with her performance of The Hill We Climb. This 23-year-old Harvard graduate is rising to higher levels. Her performances are captivating, intriguing, and grounded on the principles of Black feminism, writing, and activism.
    • Morgan Parker connects contemporary pop culture references, Black history, and her personal life through her poems. With three poetry collections up her sleeve Morgan continues to highlight humor, authenticity, and power in her work.

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