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Albums You Need in your Playlist

Around the E-Line Media & Production offices, you’ll hear an array of music coming from each staff member ranging from smooth jazz to chillwave. Music is an escape for some and it’s certainly one thing that can put you in the right mood. Here are a few albums you should add to your Apple/Spotify playlist.

  • Black Pumas Deluxe Edition: With notes reminiscent of Marvin Gaye and Al Green this album brings all the r&b psychedelic funk to your speakers. Having been nominated for both record and album of the year at the 2021 Grammys this music duo which comprises of singer/songwriter Eric Burton and guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada are tireless, charismatic, and stirring.  
  • Heaux Tales: Jazmine Sullivan takes us on a journey of, personifying a few women’s insights into love and sex as the 14 track listing allows.  The album also grazes women’s inner abilities to conquer relationships and the technical ride that comes with that.  Jazmine Sullivan’s voice is top tier and with features like the phenomenal Arie Lennox and Oscar award winner H.E.R this album is a treasure.
  • Table for Two – Lucky Daye takes us on a fluid airy ride with his latest EP Table for Two. The album gives us a peak at the complexities and complications of love in the age of social media.  Although the album is only 23 minutes long, with guest like Yebba Smith and Queen Naija it’s such a smooth quality album that 23 minutes is more than enough.
  • Pink SweatsPink Planet is such a wholesome and humble album with songs that call for love, intimacy, devotion, forgiveness, and romance that transcends all the small stuff. Pink Sweats delivers melodies with hints of vintage soul. You hear the influence of artists like George Benson, Earth Wind and Fire, and Prince. The album is benevolent and needed in your music catalog.
  • Moonlit Fools – Sam Dew delivers in his latest album Moonlit Fools.  Having such a roster, the Chicago-born singer-songwriter has spent much of his career crafting music for others to perform, with credits that include songs for Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Mary J Blige.  Moonlit is an album about love but the not-so-good side of it. The lyrics do point out insecurities that many feel about relationships but overcome in this journey about love. The album has a definite aesthetic and is quite the vision to listen to.

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