Snowfall vs The Wire

The year is 2002 and HBO is bringing in ratings with their newest show The Wire. The Wire was a show that pivoted TV dramas bringing the realness of life in Baltimore highlighting the inner-city drug scene, depicting everything of the “pushing” industry from dealers to cops to politicians. Fast-forwarding to 15 years later with FX’s Snowfall. Set in the 80s in LA this series follows the crack epidemic and its impact on the city.

The Wire vs Snowfall

The debate between the two shows was recently brought up in entertainment news and we want to get your opinion on it. As of fan of classic TV I stand by The Wire but also love the “new age” realness that Snowfall brings.  As one person tweeted I love Snow but nobody fears Franklin or Leon. EVERYONE feared Marlo, Omar, and Stringer. They wasn’t running from rivals and getting their asses beat. Stop the nonsense” in which I agree with that statement wholeheartedly.

Have you seen either show? Which show do you prefer and why? Comment below and let us know.

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