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5 Horror Films of 2020 To Watch For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone is searching for the safest way to celebrate Halloween. With covid-19 a lot of halloween festivities like (trick or treating, parties, haunted trails) have been canceled and a lot of people have decided to opt out of big gatherings, but that does not mean Halloween has to be canceled as well. Many streaming services will be releasing horror films leading up to Halloween, which gives you the opportunity to celebrate Halloween all month long. 

We want to make sure that everyone has a safe yet fun halloween, so we’ve highlighted five horror films of 2020 that you should watch on Halloween night. So grab your family, close friends and your favorite food and make it a Halloween Movie Night.

  1. Antebellum, released on September 18, 2020 on Amazon Prime, Youtube, Vudu, and Google Play is a Horror-Drama-Mystery film that revolves around Veronica Henley, a successful author who is trapped in a horrifying reality.  She must uncover a mystery before it’s too late, which forces her to confront the past, present and future; starring Janelle Monáe, Eric Lange and Jena Malone.
  1. Hubie Halloween, released on October 7, 2020 on Netflix is a Horror-Comedy-Mystery Starring and Produced by  Adam Sandler who plays Hubie Dubose. We know that anything created by Adam Sandler is going to be pretty funny. In this film Hubie Dubose faces a real investigation and murder on Halloween night in which he is determined to keep his town safe despite how people treat him and think of him.
  1. Vampires VS. The Bronx, released on October 2, 2020 on Netflix is a Horror-Comedy centered around a group of teenagers who fight to save their gentrified neighborhood from gentrification and vampires; starring Jaden Michael, Gerald Jones III, Gregory Diaz IV and Coco Jones.
  1. The Craft: Legacy, scheduled to be released on October 28, 2020 on Demand, is a Supernatural-Horror, stand alone sequel to the 1996 film “The Craft”. It follows three teenagers from a coven of witches who welcome a new member to their group, who have just moved into town. They take advantage of their superpowers to seek revenge on people who have judged and wronged them; starring Lovie Simone, Michelle Monaghan, Caliee Spaeny and Gideon Adlon.
  1. The Binding, released on October 2, 2020 on Netflix is an Italian based Drama-Horror-Thriller film about a woman who fights a mysterious and malevolent curse intent on claiming her daughter during her visit to Southern Italy to meet her fiancè’s mother; starring Mia Maestro, Riccardo Scamarcio and Giulia Patrignani.

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